During the last years Europe is going through an economic, social and cultural crisis. 

The European Institutions have difficulty to find new inititatives to respond to the new global challenges and needs. 

The road followed is characterised by shortage of new creative voices. 

The society of citizens has to react. 

Major role in this will be played by local community and citizens. 

The European Institute for Local Development since its foundation, aims to develop new initiatives for European and International local cooperation. 

The scope of the new initiative is to give answer to the before mentioned issue. 

Thus, European Institute for Local Development begins the Connected for Development Initative. 

This open platform will be a space for dialogue, ideas, and common projects and cross border cooperation. 

EILD invites all its members and every European organisation working in the field of Local Development to participate in this new initiative. 

The axis of this initiative are the areas of social economy, culture, the craft industry and the new society knowledge. 

Let's get connected for Development!!!